Global Trade Risk Management

Strategies LLC


Global Trade Risk Management Strategies LLC is a U.S.-based consultancy providing expert assistance to parties engaged in international trade.  Our expertise is in export risk mitigation techniques, including letters of credit and various alternatives, in financing international trade, and in the rules and regulations governing international trade.  Our objective is to guide our exporters through the maze of rules and practices around international trade and to educate them to properly employ the tools available in order to navigate the maze on their own.



  1. Classroom seminars

  2. On-site training

  3. Webinars

Expert Witness

Content Areas

  1. Trade Finance

  2. Commercial Letters of Credit (Import and Export Letters of Credit)

  3. Standby Letters of Credit

  4. Bank Guarantees / Demand Guarantees

  5. Bankers’ Acceptances, Eligible and Ineligible (“Finance Bills”)

  6. Trade Acceptances

  7. Documentary Draft Collections (Documents Against Payment, Documents Against Acceptance, Cash Against Documents)

  8. Export Risks and Risk Mitigation

  9. Credit Insurance

  10. Forfaiting

  11. Cross-Border Factoring

  12. Export Receivables Financing

  13. Securitization of Accounts Receivable

  14. Supply-Chain Finance

  15. Compliance with US Anti-Boycott Regulations

  16. Compliance with US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations

  17. Applicability of USA PATRIOT Act and US Bank Secrecy Act to International Trade Transactions  (Know-Your-Customer, Due Diligence, Customer Information Programs)

  18. Applicability of Basel I, Basel II, and Basel III to Letters of Credit and Trade Finance

  19. Incoterms 2010

  20. Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (“UCP 600”)

  21. International Standard Banking Practice for Documentary Credits (“ISBP”)

  22. Uniform Rules for Collections (“URC 522”)

  23. International Standby Practices (“ISP 98”)

  24. Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (“URDG 758”)

  25. Uniform Commercial Code Article 5 - Letters of Credit (“UCC5”)

  26. Standard banking practice for letters of credit